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Matt, Joanna, Rachael, James & Tony.

Five Scousers, one journal.

The Scousers
17 December
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Matthew (or Matt, as he prefers to be called) is the co-owner of this amazing journal, and the husband of our very own Joanna. He's 24, bisexual and the biggest Liverpool FC supporter on the planet. He loves shouting abuse at Manchester United and Everton and also supports St. Helens RLFC.


Rachael is 25 and is the Italian-speaking Scouser of the group and, like Matt, supports Liverpool FC and St. Helens RLFC. She's also the only Azzurri (Italian national football team) and AC Milan supporter here. Oh and she's also the biggest poser on the planet, according to sources.


James is the youngest Scouser here at just 20, but he loves it really. He's also the only Evertonian on here and says he won’t have it any other way, even when they lose quite badly every other week.


Anthony (or Tony, as prefers to be called) is the other co-owner (and Danish speaker) of this wonderful journal and the only gay in the village. He's also the oldest member of this journal at 26, and he's a supporter of the lower league Tranmere Rovers. Oh, and he's also a nurse, so be nice to him as he might have to look after you one day.


Joanna is 24 and the wife of Matt. She also has to put up with the football every other week, even though she can't actually stand it. She says the only time she gets any peace is when Rachael and Matt go to Anfield whenever Liverpool play at home. Oh and she's expecting her first child in a few months time as well and can't wait.

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